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Papal Homily at Beatification of Cardinal Newman

September 20, 2010

There was a joy for Christian Catholics, especially the English Catholics, on 19 September 2010; where one of their heroes was finally beatified: Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman.

At the beatification ceremony, His Holiness Benedict XVI gave a memorable homily in regard with how great works of love that Blessed Newman had achieved during his life on earth, both for God and for his brothers and sisters.

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Gossip: Share the Good News!

August 14, 2010

Is it..?

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In the struggle of prayer, we don’t change God. He changes us.

August 12, 2010

I found a very good article written by Mark Shea about the meaning of prayer in our life.

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Pro Life: Pro Faith, Pro Hope, Pro Love

June 22, 2009

I can’t agree less with the real and genuine example proclaimed by her.

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in the beginning..

June 18, 2009

Hey2, just started blogging, haha..It’s very late, isn’t it? ;p

Ow, well..just wanna taste how fun blogging is..^-^

Actually, I don’t have any specific topic to share. But maybe, I can share something from my personal reflections and experiences. I dunno whether those things would be useful for you, haha.

To be remembered that it’s all about my personal point of view and comments. So, if you find some of my reflections may be not for you, i just can say: Sorry, mate, my personal things can’t be compromised..;p

Oh, well, that’s the opening from me. Hoping to start to put something soon.


~Christian Rosario