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The Analogy of Walking with Christ

June 18, 2009

Sunday, 14 June 2009, was the Feast of Corpus Christi: the Feast of the Body of Christ. It is the feast celebrated by the Roman Christian Catholic Church after Trinity Sunday to solemnly commemorate the institution of the Holy Eucharist (

At some places, commonly there will be a procession of the Blessed Sacrament (outdoor) and closed with the Benediction. Sydney Archdiocese did the procession on that day. They call it Walk with Christ. The procession began from St. Patrick’s Hill Church until St. Mary’s Cathedral (2.30pm – 4.30pm).

This is my first time joining the event. I went with my lovely girlfriend (^.^) and another friend. We took train from our accommodation to St. Patrick’s. There was already a lot of people (a lot here means A LOT). They came as either religious communities, parish groups, common groups (like us), families, couples, or singles. Their group flags decorated the road implicitly stating (and maybe promoting) their group identity.

The procession started with prayers, hyms, then started walking while doing the Rosary, following the Blessed Sacramet far away in front (for me).

It was raining during the procession, rain..stop..rain..stop..zzzzz…so annoying..!!!

Finally, we arrived at St. Mary’s Cathedral. The Blessed Sacrament was intended to be exposed outside the church, but since it’s wet so we did the rest of the procession inside the church. Cardinal George Pell then gave the sermon explaining about the feast itself and why the Eucharist is so very ultimately extremely importantly the heart of the Christian Catholic faith. The truth was revealed thoroughly from the sermon. Praise the Lord!

The procession was concluded with the Benediction. The End. Time to go home.

I was very excited to be the part of the event. Seriously, it was very awesome and valuable experience! I felt the proud of joining one of the Christian Catholic traditions, yep, something like filling my collection album. But something bigger than just a proud struck me after I heard a very short conversation when we went out the building.

A lady commented to a man, “The rain stops. The sky is very clear!”.

The man responded with, “It’s a blessing, isn’t it”.

(Can’t remember the exact conversation, but that’s the main idea).

I went out, looked at the sky, was very clear.

At the first time, I didn’t really bother about that. But when I reflected it for few days. The whole event: Walk with Christ, is not just a procession, It is actually a reconstruction of what the Christians in general and Catholics in specific do: walking with Christ.

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